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Guided Meditation: An Easy Way to Get Started


  • Guided meditation apps are a great way to start meditation

  • Insight Timer is a free application with a wide variety of meditations to offer

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Guided Meditation

Free guided meditation apps on your smart phone are a great way to start meditation if you are new to the practice. Simply find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down and open the app of your choice. One of my favorite apps is Insight Timer. This app helped me expand my meditation practice when I was feeling stuck and helped me find chakra meditations and positive affirmation meditations that I still listen to years later.

Insight Timer is a free application that offers guided meditations grouped by length of time, topic, kid friendly, staff picks, and more. There are a wide variety of teachers with different styles and voices, so you’ll surely find a meditation that is right for you! Download Insight Timer for free or go to their website to get started.

Need help finding a meditation on Insight Timer?

Depending on your experience level, one of the four options below could be a great place to start:

  • 2 minutes: Morning Gratitude Intention Meditation – Leslie Erhardt

  • 10 minutes: Good Morning Gratitude Practice – David Gandelman

  • 15 minutes: Body Scan for Clarity, Presence & Stability – Christian Howard

  • 20 minutes: Manifesting All You Desire - DavidJi

Meditation & You

Ultimately, you are in control of your meditation journey. The time you set aside for your meditation practice whether its 1 minute in the shower after a long day or 10 minutes in the morning to focus your energy, or 5 minutes during your lunch break, is time for you to honor yourself, reset & refocus, and find space between your racing thoughts. Guided meditations apps like Insight Timer can be helpful when trying to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. If you are new to guided meditations, try out different voices, topics, and styles. Learn how different types of meditation affect you and which ones resonate with you.

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