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Manifesting & the New Moon + Free Guide for New Moon Intention Setting

Manifesting is the art of bringing everything you want to feel and experience into your reality. And you can manifest anything… maybe not overnight, but you’d be surprised how quickly things come to you when you are open and can visualize them clearly in your mind.

The moon cycle is a great way to add a time frame to what you want to manifest. Having a time frame gives you a clear period to observe and reflect on what worked, what didn’t work, new insights, and more. No judgment - simply learning, observing, reflecting, and recalibrating.

The New Moon

The new moon is where this process will begin. This is a time where we see the side of the moon that is not illuminated by the sun, so it looks like there is no moon in the sky. In the darkness, you are invited to be still and turn inward.

Set the Mood

Begin in your sacred space. The space where you feel comfortable letting your guard down. This space can be as big as a whole room or a small cozy corner just for you. Cleanse your space by tidying up, wiping down surfaces, or any other actions that align with moving out stale energy and welcoming a fresh start. Then set the mood. Minimize distractions, light some candles, get out your crystals, lay out some blankets, and get ready to turn inward.

Finding & Setting Your Intention

Settle in for some uninterrupted time in your sacred space. Do something to clear your mind like journaling, drawing, breathwork, meditation, or any relaxing activity that helps you quiet your mind and really drop into the moment. Then ask yourself ‘what is my intention for this moon cycle?’ Observe what comes up and write down some ideas. Pick the ones that resonate most and play with the wording until you land on a statement that feels good. Lean on your intuition to guide you through this process. And know that your intention is not set in stone. It will most likely evolve over time, so think of this as your starting point.

Reflecting on Your Intention

Ask yourself deep & introspective questions about your intention. Why does it matter to you? How long have you wanted this? What amazing & positive things could happen if this came to fruition? What can I let go of in order to bring this to me more quickly and easily?


You’ve set your intention and now it’s time to sit still and allow. Put yourself in receiving mode. Take action when you feel inspired, but also make time for being still and allowing. This gives you a chance to observe how the universe is shifting to bring your desires to you. Yes, you do have to do work along the way, but part of manifesting is acknowledging that there is a lot more going on that we cannot see. And it is important to have faith and trust that everything is working out for your highest good.

The Art of Manifesting with the Moon Cycle

As the moon moves through the phases from new moon to full moon and back to new again, you can revisit your intention and focus your energy on doing your part to bring it to fruition. But don’t just focus on the ‘doing.’ Also give yourself time to be still, receive guidance and support, and allow abundance to flow to and through you.

You can manifest anything you want. It just takes practice. Practice in the form of letting go of bad habits, stagnant energy, and other blocks in your path. And also practice in the form of being open to change and growth, so you can align with and receive all that you desire.

The new moon is a great time to start fresh, start again, and practice calling forward the future of your dreams.

Download the free guide below. I share 5 steps and 5 tips for New Moon Intention Setting.

Love & light,


New Moon Intention Setting in 5 Easy Steps
Download • 68KB

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