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Candlelight Meditation - Beginner’s Guide

Find a quiet comfortable space to sit or lay down. Make sure you have a candle, a lighter/matches.

Good to have, but not necessary:

  • Cup of water or tea

  • Timer

  • Plants

  • Crystals

  • Light some incense

  • Burn sage/palo santo to cleanse the space

  • Something that brings you comfort

Turn down all lights, close the shades, and light your candle. You can set a timer if you’d like. I recommend turning your fan down or off, so the flame isn’t affected by the breeze. Begin to notice your breath and focus on the flame.

Thoughts or feelings may come up. Allow them to come up. Then allow them to pass. Focus on the flame and notice how the light of the flame slowly gets brighter and the rest of your space grows darker.

When you are finished with your practice begin with small movements like wiggling your fingers or rolling out your ankles. Take a deep breath in and blow out the candle.

Give thanks to yourself because you took the time to do something good and nourishing for your soul.

For a deeper dive on candlelight meditation see this article -

With love,


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