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Refresh & Reset for the New Moon

Hello, friends old & new!

The new moon started on Sunday and continues through today (September 5th - 7th). The new moon is a chance to start fresh, set intentions, turn inward, and listen. Over time we can collect tension and stagnant or negative energy which pulls us out of the moment.

By not being present in the moment you hinder yourself and your goals because you are unable to see the big picture.

It’s important to check in, clear away the mental clutter, and start again with increased clarity. So, how can you reset and refresh your energy, so you can be fully present in each moment?

Movement, meditation, and mindset.

My favorite 3m’s for releasing resistance and getting back into a flow state. Learn about these 3m’s below or scroll to the end to get the easy and customizable 20-minute Mindset Reset Practice PDF.

M1: Movement

Movement is the easiest way to get out of your head and it can be any activity like yoga, running, walking, swimming, dancing alone with the music up and the lights low, climbing, playing a sport, you name it and it probably counts. Just remember to be fully present in the moment and to allow the process to quiet your mind.

M2: Meditation

After you move your body, it’s time to meditate. You can choose to walk, sit, or lay down. Maybe you pick a guided meditation or maybe you just set a timer and sit still. This is the time for observing your mind without judgment. You can focus on sensations like gratitude or forgiveness, or focus on your breath, or visualize your happy place. Whatever you choose, be sure to use this time to create space between your thoughts and be open to receive guidance, clarity, and peace.

M3: Mindset

After you’ve entered a relaxed meditative state, you are ready to address your current mindset. I recommend using this time to ask yourself deep, introspective, and thought-expanding questions. Questions like: What makes me happy? What am I grateful for? What do I need help with? What do I really wish for? Allowing answers to come up naturally and observing each insight without judgment. You can also use this time to set the tone for the rest of your day. What do you want to call forward? What do you want to experience?

And that’s it! Whenever I need to reset and recharge I usually set aside an hour to roll out my mat, close the door, light a candle, and practice the 3m’s. This breaks down to about 45 minutes of yoga, 5 minutes of meditation, and 10 minutes of journaling related to a thought-expanding question.

Do you need to practice every day? No, but think of it this way - your coffee 3 days ago isn’t really having an impact today is it? So, that means you probably had a cup this morning and will have another tomorrow morning. This small coffee ritual helps you take on the day by giving you a caffeine boost. A practice utilizing movement, meditation, and mindset helps you take on the day by focusing your power, so you can be fully present and optimize the way you spend your energy.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you make time this week to reset and refresh your energy. Even if it’s just 15 minutes (10 minutes of movement, 3 minutes of meditation, and 2 minutes contemplating a thought-expanding question.)

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