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Come as you are. Quiet your mind and open your heart when you join one of our movement and meditation retreats.

Breath-work, yoga-inspired movement, guided meditation.


October Full Moon

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Get to Know Us

At NC Moon Meditation we create a safe space where you can explore your mind, body, and soul.

Our vision is communities of people in North Carolina deepening their connection to their inner wisdom and limitless unseen energy through movement & meditation.

Our mission is to bring together groups of people all over North Carolina, to turn inward, connect, and celebrate the full moon and new moon


Take some time to explore the blog, check out the videos, and keep an eye out for our next retreat.

Our Team.

Hi! We're the force behind NC Moon Meditation. Our movement and meditation retreats meet you where you are and help you create space to quiet your mind, and open your heart.



Event Manager

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